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How Many Frets Does a Guitar Have

How Many Frets Does a Guitar Have?

As a guitar instructor, I have been inundated severally with questions and confusions on frets as this is often overlooked by instructors who take beginner’s classes on guitar. Most especially the question -

your next performance How Often Should You Restring A Violin?

Step By Step Guide on How to Restring a Violin

As a violinist, your strings can either make or mar your performance. A worn or broken string can change the tune of your violin and totally alter your performance. Changing violin strings might seem like a daunting task,

Advanced Guitar Strumming Patterns

Top 5 Advanced Guitar Strumming Patterns for Pros

Playing the guitar in an advanced way requires you to know some strumming patterns, not just any strumming patterns – the advanced guitar strumming patterns listed below. The advanced stages of playing the guitar increase your knowledge of rhythmic possibilities.

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